• Niels Angel

    Niels Angel

    Business Owner of Catena-X Sustainability,BMW
  • Gunther Schober

    Gunther Schober

    Sales Manager,PSI Metals Non Ferrous GmbH
  • Edgardo Gelsomino

    Edgardo Gelsomino

    Research Director, Aluminium Assets,Wood Mackenzie
  • Amit Chatterjee

    Amit Chatterjee

    Chief Research & Development Officer,Vedanta Aluminium Business
  • Sylvain Marchal

    Sylvain Marchal

    European Reliability Champion,Constellium
  • Jerome Lucaes

    Jerome Lucaes

  • Nicolas Nebout

    Nicolas Nebout

    Regional Business Director, EMEIA,CarbonChain
  • Brenno Ferreira

    Brenno Ferreira

    Technology Manager - Non-Ferrous,Linde
  • Christian Koulic

    Christian Koulic

    Global Market Executive – Metals Segment,TotalEnergies
  • Volker Häckh

    Volker Häckh

    Business Developer,Lhyfe
  • Thomas Rudlaff

    Thomas Rudlaff

    General Manager,Alumobility
  • Lluís Pitarch

    Lluís Pitarch

    Public Affairs & Sustainability Manager Southern Europe
  • Dr.Vilas Tathavadkar

    Dr.Vilas Tathavadkar

    Chief Technology Officer ,Hindalco Industries Ltd
  • Inga Simonenko

    Inga Simonenko

    Global Market Intelligence and Commercial Sustainability Director,Rusal
  • Alessandro Colaneri

    Alessandro Colaneri

    Melting & Casting Engineer,RINA
  • Bertrand ORSAL

    Bertrand ORSAL

    Head of Metals & Minerals,Dassault Systems
  • Meral USLU

    Meral USLU

    Economic Research Department Manager,IMMIB
  • Tanmoy Mandal

    Tanmoy Mandal

    Director, Global Head, Metals & Mining,Research and Consulting (Deutschland) GmbH

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